Art of Writing

Write For You

When you write, when you create your poems, stories or novels, who are you writing for? As writers, most of us feel compelled to put ink to paper; it’s in our blood and acts as sustenance. It keeps our every day lives sane and bright. But as writers, we’re also slaves to ambition and dreams, … Continue reading

A Writer's Life


As I settle properly into writing full time (it’s been a year now and yes, I’m finally grasping the fact that I am a full-time writer), I’ve come to realise that writing is all about balance. The balance between keeping bum on seat long enough to write a decent day’s work and removing said bum … Continue reading

Writing technique


Aristotle concluded that story is superior to character. In the 1800s, many thought that structure was simply a way to convey the fascinating characters that readers desired. But, as fiction continues to evolve, where do we stand today? Looking at this from a writer’s perspective, I’ve recently realised that all of my novel-length pieces of … Continue reading