Plodding on in 2021

So, we’re all struggling with the way things have changed during Covid, but we’re all still plodding on. I hope you are all doing OK and that you’re managing to find creativity and stimulation in your lives. It’s not easy, I know, but keep going. That’s all we can do. And don’t lose hope.

It was World Book Day yesterday and I was delighted to be busy with online school events. I was also super excited to be included in a wonderful list of Let’s Travel In Time book recommendations by author, Lindsay F Sedgwick, and to see that avid reader, Olivia (Middlesbrough, UK), made a replica of my Caramel Hearts book cover – in cake! Isn’t it marvellous?!

So, what have I been working on during these strange days, and why have I been so quiet? I currently have three books out on submission, and I’m in the process of finishing a fourth. This is a novel for an adult readership, and it is helping to keep me focused. Though I must say, my attention span has shortened during the pandemic and I’m having to work in shorter bursts, so progress is slower than I had hoped. But I’m feeling grateful for having something to focus on.

I’m also feeling grateful for the support of my fantastic agent, Sallyanne Sweeney, and all my writer friends, but especially Nicola Pierce, Caroline Busher, and Kieran Fanning, who help steady the writerly ocean when it feels too choppy. Plus, the longer days, deer sightings, long woodland walks, Atlantic swells, hot baths and scented candles are helping the days pass productively, so the finishing line is finally growing closer.

I had intended to blog more frequently this year, but I seem to be on screens way too much with zoom meetings, events, teaching, and chats with friends, but you’ll see I’m starting to update my website, such as my events page (there’s a lot more to come – watch this space!). My website needs a big overhaul but the template changes in WordPress feel a bit overwhelming right now and so I’ll keep it basic until I have the energy to fall down that rabbit hole!

And now… back to the WIP. I guess I just wanted to check in and say hi and give a big hug of encouragement to everyone who’s maybe not feeling that great, but continues to hang in there and doing their best.

Your best is good enough. You’re good enough. Keep going, and don’t lose hope. x


2 thoughts on “Plodding on in 2021

  1. oranmdoyle says:

    Thanks Elizabeth for those last three phrases in your blog post. Regularly need to hear them these days. Thanks for the encouragement and the same right back at you. XX Oran

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