Say Hello

Want to talk about one of my books? Work together on a project? Request a Reader’s Report or help with social media? Or just enjoy some general writing chit chat?

Then leave a comment on my blog, follow me on twitter or come and say hi on Facebook. Alternatively, fill out the form below… I usually get back pretty quickly (within 48 hours) but if I don’t, I’m probably travelling or in the middle of a writing frenzy. Please be patient!


3 thoughts on “Say Hello

  1. Zahra Ebrahimi says:

    Hi E.R Murray . I am Zahra one of the girls from ringsendg.n.s school in the ringsend library . I’am writing a story and it’s a bout pirate’s , I wrote 1 and 2 pages in my new note book like the way you said and I also buy’ed you book The Book of Learning and I came to your site . When I finish my book I will send it to you email pleas answer me please!!!!!!!!!!

    • E.R. Murray says:

      It is lovely to hear from you, Zahra! Sorry for the delay – I would love to read your book when it is ready, especially seeing as I love pirates! Do let me know!!!

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