“Well-written and a gripping page turner, The Book of Learning will keep readers enthralled and guessing until the final page when some answers are given – and as it is part of a trilogy, the pace and plot will leave them wanting more. Murray’s characterisation is well-conveyed, and the relationship between Ebony and her grandfather brilliantly captured. Highly recommended for 9 -12 year olds” Children’s Books Ireland

“Murray creates a terrifically fierce heroine in Ebony Smart. Fighting against all authority, Ebony is never afraid to speak her mind or face grave danger. And yet the story contains many more interesting characters… This mystery and adventure is well-paced and entertaining, making for a great page-turner. Nobody is to be trusted and a murky presence constantly lurks in the shadows, creating good tension.” The Looking Glass

Reader Reports via Inkwell Writers

‘I decided to get a Reader’s Report because I knew my friends and family weren’t being honest about my novel. They were too polite, only telling me the good bits. E.R. Murray’s Reader’s Report has completely changed the way I see my novel. Yes she pointed out the strenghts, and helped me see my novel’s worth. But more importantly, it showed me the areas that needed more clarity. It’s easy to forget that the reader can’t see inside your head, and to think you’ve written everything the reader needs to know to understand each scene. But only a reader can tell you that. The report showed me what didn’t make sense, when I used too much repetition, when I told instead of showed, and what I needed to do to make the novel into a really good read. The difference with a writer pointing out weaknesses and a friend doing it, is that the writer knows the craft, understands what reader’s want. You wouldn’t go to a Vet to fix your broken leg. I would definitely recommend any writer to get a Reader’s Report before sumitting to agents/publishers. It could be what turns your manuscript into something that sparkles, making it jump out of that Slush Pile.’ – Niamh Garvey, writer.

‘By the time I submitted my children’s fantasy novel The Merrow’s Chorus to the Inkwell Group for a Reader’s Report I was at my wit’s end. There I was, having fastidiously observed what I understood through my research to be every submission convention possible, yet I was no closer to being published. The fault must lie therefore with my work and in truth I had by that point lost faith in the words I had pored over tirelessly for years. There was no more honing, editing, scrubbing or polishing possible. Or so I thought.

E.R. Murray’s Reader’s Report opened my eyes wide to the possibilities of where I could take my work. With a critical eye free of my memories of the craft and outpouring of soul that brought my novel into being in the first place, she surgically targeted where I as an author could do more for my readers by making the smallest and most subtle of changes. Elizabeth gave me fresh insight into my book’s structure, pacing, characters and plot and in truth she has breathed new life into a novel that was flagging if not limping into oblivion.

Incredibly this insight came with acknowledgment of both the promise of the draft and of the revisions it had already gone through to get even to that point. Offering guidance without shattering my already brittle confidence, E.R. Murray breathed new life into my book. The quest to be published goes on but this time I no longer feel like I’ve lost my way. This time I’ve got Sat Nav, and I would wholeheartedly recommend you seek yours out with a Reader’s Report from E.R. Murray.’ Gerard Quinn, writer.


Social Media

Padraig O’Morain, writer, Irish Times journalist & columnist , Mindfulness Coach:

Elizabeth Murray’s expertise and clarity helped me make sense of the challenging world of social media. Her friendly, practical advice  enabled me to work out which social media platforms really mattered to me. Thanks to working with Elizabeth, I can now focus my social media efforts in ways that work best for me and my readers. I thoroughly recommend her for her knowledgeable, friendly and helpful approach.

Bernie McGill, Author:

I first met Elizabeth Rose Murray at a workshop she facilitated for LitNetNI in Belfast – an introduction to social media specifically tailored for writers and writing professionals. The presentation she gave was clear, informative, professionally-delivered and well-paced and Elizabeth answered all our (occasionally daft) questions from what was clearly a bank of knowledge and experience. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth again in a creative writing context. Her passion for writing and her professionalism are evident in everything she does. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Vanessa O’Loughlin, writer, literary scout, founder of writing.ie & Inkwell Group:

Elizabeth Rose Murray is an extremely talented fiction writer represented by Sallyanne Sweeney at Mulcahy Associates, who is also a social media expert. With a warm and inspired approach to both the world of blogging and social media she is a major asset to Irish national writing resources website writing.ie. Elizabeth is incredibly reliable, meeting deadlines ahead of time with fresh new content that ensures her own blog, her writing.ie blog and the blogs she masterminds for clients are exciting and highly trafficked.

Lia Mills, Author:

I first met Elizabeth Rose Murray when she gave a workshop at the Irish Writers’ Centre to a group of unreconstructed Luddites like me – well, I was an unreconstructed Luddite and I’m pretty sure there was at least one other in that room, until Elizabeth began to explain, with perfect clarity and sense (not to mention patience) how various aspects of social media worked.  She showed us how to get started, and encouraged us to work at our own pace.  Since then I’ve been lucky enough to work with her again on a more extended, one-on-one basis. She is unfailingly knowledgeable, patient, enthusiastic and generous and she has never once used the L word.  She is supportive in a wonderfully unobtrusive way and I feel very lucky to have met her when I did.  I think I’d have abandoned the internet altogether without her support.

Shauna LyonsDublin Theatre Festival:

Elizabeth worked on the 2009 Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival as its Festival blogger. She went to many shows and reviewed them with much enthusiasm. As well as having a passion for theatre, she always thought outside the box and considered what was in the best interest of the Festival.She was reliable and professional in all manners.

Darragh Doyle from the internet!:

Having both worked with Elizabeth in the same company and then later on different online projects, I’m happy to recommend her as an excellent writer and communications consultant. She is meticulous, professional and very talented, using a great deal of common sense to communicate the message effectively and distinctively. Her creativity is enviable and she consistently provides great results for her clients. Her popularity both personally and professionally is a testament to how seriously she takes her craft and I’d have no hesitation in working with or hiring her again.


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