X365 project

I’ve always believed in having a positive attitude and think that good things, and good people, should be celebrated.

The X365 project was started by Dan Waber. The purpose of the project was to write 40 words about 365 people who’ve touched your life in some way. It was never meant to catch on, but it did. That’s the beauty of writing and of good ideas.  I interviewed Dan Waber back in February 2008 – and since then, let the project drop.

So here it is, my hall of fame revived. Let’s hope I make it to 365 in 2012.

  • 26/365 Kristi Thompson

Opera singer, hot mum, dedicated writer, comic genius and wonderful friend; there’s no end to the boxes ticked under the label: Incredible Human Being. Her outlandishly zany sense of humour brings a much needed injection of fun to my day.

  • 25/365 Mick O’Callaghan

A talented songwriter with an amazing voice, this man’s gentle demeanour is as enticing as his songs. Generous of spirit and honest, he inspired my stay in Schull, swapping poems for lyrics. Duly deserves the warmth and respect he receives.

  • 24/365 Katarina Runske

A thoroughly patient and energetic woman blessed with an enchanted smile. Skilled in every way, including piano playing, cooking, driving, conversation, teaching; she’s an inspiration and a mentor to many. Gentle, kind, thoughtful and fun; she’s a precious individual.

  • 23/365 Nell Bond

Vivacious, hilarious and full of boundless energy, there’s never a dull moment when she’s around. Daring and vibrant, she paints the world bright colours wherever there is grey. From exploring to finger painting; choose her if you want an adventure.

  • 22/365 Darragh Doyle

An energetic, intelligent internet dweller, Darragh helps others to learn and improve then sets them free. Genuine, thoughtful and resourceful, he’s an inspiration. Full of surprise, people are taking notice; but few will be able to vibrate on his level.

  • 21/365 Sean O’Dwyer

A gentle yet vibrant artist, Sean skillfully blends modern beauty with ancient lore. Gentle, devoted and thoughtful, he’s a generous and vivacious man who understands the importance of nature. Walking in the wilds collecting sticks with stay with me forever.

  • 20/365 L’il Daz (Darren Griffiths)

Great mover, hot in a tux and does a fantastic growl – will even clean (only in green sweat pants). A tattooed, kind gentleman.  Owner of internet tourettes, a Harley Davison and the most delicious lips ever seen. My porn bear.

  • 19/365 Kath and Keith

They come as a pair; foster parents for me and bruv who let us roll down big lawns, ride in the back of bloody slaughter trucks and fed us homemade cakes in front of the Jukes of Hazard. Always remembered.

  • 18/365 Auntie Rita

An auntie who looks like Les Dawson, and can gurn just as well – no kidding! Never had children and is secretive as to why. She always treats her dogs like babies and looks after everyone; warm, kind, blunt. My favourite!

  • 17/365 Mr Cutter

Mr Hill’s sidekick: a tall, bespectacled kindly man with a gentle voice which somehow exploded when it needed to reach the length of the playground. Always looked the same age; always made you feel safe. A typical 1980s primary teacher.

  • 16/365 Carole Garland

Loyal, honest, friendly and feisty; you always know where you stand. She takes on the world and their problems with vigour, always looking out for the underdog. Unbeaten as the last girl standing; fun and madness are always close by (just don’t call her a gee-bag).

  • 15/365 Damage Control (formerly Gareth Mitchell)

Over forty, and still riding round on roller skates. Clad in black leather, with painted on eyebrows and obsessions with porn and Newcastle Brown Ale. Proud dad of Egypt Polly and Ocean; equally proud of name change by deed poll.

  • 14/365 Jock

Some distant memory of a lad who robbed for a living. Strong Scottish accent, dirty blonde hair, tracksuit bottoms too short on the leg and swore every other word. Lived across the road from me; one of the nicer kids

  • 13/365 Angela Smith

Had an unshakable crush on the man below; couldn’t leave a bar without hugging every friend. Had the most memorable New Year’s Eve together; she crashed into a service station in front of police – we still made it out. Hooray!

  • 12/365 Gothy Neil

If ever a man was beautiful…thick black curls, a stunning face and a heart broken by a girl who’d slept with a drummer from his favourite band. Bought me a 50p mix-up for my 18th birthday; a long lost friend.

  • 11/365 Andria Jones

Forthright, witty and stubborn; a perfect candidate for WYSIWYG. You always come away from her presence grateful for what you have. She’s reliable, honest and independent: some might say scary but I’d say loyal. Also pulls a great monster face.

  • 10/365 Morbid

Another lost fellow on a journey; a beautiful mind wrapped in self harm and scars. Shaggy, bedraggled but every seventeen year old girl’s crush; we used to look at the stars. Listen to him speak and you could reach them.

  • 9/365 Marcia (Marci)

This lady’s an inspirational blend of elegance, creativity, playfulness, experience, confusion and clarity. A refreshing influence; as happy picking flowers as sipping champagne. Flighty and free spirited: to me she’s a ray of sunshine yet to another a cruel queen.

  • 8/365 Spen

Rough, rugged but reliable; but the biggest softy ever! You can address his post by describing his house and the car outside and it gets there. As honest in opinion and values as anyone you’ll ever meet; dependable and lovable.

  • 7/365 Tony Downes

A lost young man who will never be forgotten. Full of trials and tribulations; but kind hearted and honest. He liked a flutter, a beer and a giggle and worked hard for a living; a loving father and much missed brother-in-law.

  • 6/365 Reb (Beru)

A breath of fresh air; follows her heart yetd lives for fun. A long time friend; genuine, dippy, and free spirited. A lover of the great outdoors and living in caravans, born in the wrong era. Princesses and knights methinks…

  • 5/365 Auntie Olga – died Friday 7th December 2007

Fervent in her belief that I was a barmaid, she was a bright spark of mischief. Frail but flighty, she held no malice or regret; always joyous and full of fun. A true lady and with lots to give. RIP.

  • 4/365 Ronald Hill

A combination of army disciplinarian, artist, friend and teacher. Stood children on chairs to dress them down, but had very kind eyes. Reliable, strong and the only set of boundaries I saw for a very long time. Thank you! RIP.

  • 3/365 Geoffrey Woodard (Udodard Peoffry)

Genuine and always caring but a maelstrom of a man. Warm, loving and heartfelt but inherently stubborn; especially towards himself. Witty and charming but with a dark side. A very lost soul who’s working hard to find his way home.

  • 2/365 John Richards (my father)

A mystery shrouded in memories of dilapidated 1960´s buses, bluebell woods, fried sprats, homemade ponds, gypsy caravans, mangoes, pied wagtails, postcards from Gambia, photos of a clock tower, an old fashioned burner and final waves from a train. Died 1992.

  • 1/365 Tracey Downes (nee Richards)

A mixed bag of sweets; sometimes crunchy on the outside but definitely gooey in the middle. Very sweet, sometimes naughty, but always nice. She brings colour into everyone’s life (as even strangers are wont to tell her); a great sister.


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