Resources – be inspired!

Whether you’re one of my readers, a teacher, or another writer, this section is all about inspiration.

Readers: Have you seen the cool The Book of Learning colouring printable? Check it out – and feel free to send me pictures of your finished piece – you can even use it to write a review! If you want to know more about me, check out the 69 Facts About E.R. Murray page.  Read the poem My Village, written by Cambodian teenagers, or their poem called Our Worries. And if you want to do some writing yourself, try these writing prompts to get your brain juices flowing*.

Teachers: You can use the printable colouring page for an emergency wet playtime or as a template for writing book reviews! Looking for some lesson ideas? Check out the ‘Book of Learning’ lesson sheets, packed with questions you can ask and angles you can use for every curriculum subject*. Or, to help get creativity flowing, here are some fun ‘Imagination Warm-Ups’*.

Writers: Check out my blog posts on all things writing – these ones from the archive have some great tips and advice…

You can also try my writing prompts, request Reader Reports via The Inkwell Group, chat to me on twitter or facebook, join in with #MGiechat each month, or send me pretty pictures on instagram. It’s all about communicating and enjoying the journey.

Everyone: If you’re looking for a cool project that takes only minutes, try the X365 project and write about a different person you know on every day of the year.

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