The Many Voices of Childhood (workshop)

So, just in case you’re looking for some inspiration for your writing… next week, I’m co-teaching a 2.5 hour workshop on The Many Voices of Childhood with Dr Tawnya Renelle. I first came across Tawnya through a friend on twitter and her workshops have kept me sane and on track during lockdown – she’s an incredible facilitator and writer, and so I’m delighted to be collaborating with her.

This is a pay-what-you-can workshop, it’s suitable for those writing for children or for adults (memoir/fiction) and it’s really writing intensive – so if you need a kick start, some focus, and an evening of like-minded people, then you can sign up here.


Hope to see you there!


Autumn in photos

I’m currently taking a break in London – part business, part pleasure. But in my absence, here’s some local autumn scenes and a few things I’ve been up over the last few weeks…

A disappointing corn crop

Golden brown

Setting for my creative writing class for teens

Preparing windfall apples for Christmas

Beautiful autumnal mushrooms

Coming to the end of our harvest

Visit to Moth HQ for a writing masterclass

First signs of winter frost

Tricky (but cute) working conditions

Some garden still grows