Writerly RoundUp – articles, tidbits & the bizarre

I’m busy editing the final draft of my novel and preparing for some time away – unplugged! – so I thought I’d bring you a round up of some interesting articles/tidbits that I found over the last week or so, to keep you busy in my absence.

I’m off to Bergamo, Italy, so I won’t be posting again until April 22nd. I hope you find something of interest here in the meantime…

  • For new bloggers, here’s some great advice on SEO from the Writing.ie crowd, covering how to start writing posts, using keywords effectively, an introduction to webmaster tools and more: Improving your Search Ranking: Tips for Bloggers.
  • I love the website Documentary Heaven and found this great film about a guy who really can – and does – make every day original through his creations. Just see how proud his wife looks in their specialist beach buggy! An Original Maker: Paul Elkin.
  • Now, I have no idea what this is all about but it certainly made me stop and chuckle, if nothing else! It’s called Old People Wearing Vegetation and it’s photos of old people wearing vegetation (yes, really)!
  • And finally, I couldn’t resist the guys at Funny Talking Animals. Who’s for a game of Night Time/ Day Time? 🙂

See you when I’m back!