Looking back…

A long and winding road (Ravensbourne, Australia)

A long and winding road (Ravensbourne, Australia)

It’s been a great year. A rollercoaster ride. Thankfully, I love rollercoasters!

There have been quite a few shortlists, longlists and publications in 2012, but the elusive book deal is still evading me. I enjoyed some amazing opportunities such as blogging for Listowel Writers’ Week again, writing live as part of the Ciudades Parallelas ‘Station’ installation during Cork Midsummer festival and providing creative writing classes for local teens.

I finally feel as though I’ve settled into the village community and although nature was at its destructive best, we still managed to harvest a decent crop of vegetables and catch a winter’s worth of mackerel. And I can’t wait for it to all start again.

But more importantly, I’ve learned lots, like…

  • Opportunities always come – just be ready to say yes
  • Sometimes you have to say no because you’re already doing enough
  • You need to take time away from writing in your day to let ideas circulate, just as much as you need to fix ‘bum on seat’
  • Your goals are set by you and are flexible – don’t be too hard on yourself
  • Morning pages really do work – so if you want ideas to keep coming, keep them up
  • Your inner critic is both your best friend and worst enemy – get to know it well
  • To be a writer, you need to write – it’s that simple!

I hope your year felt just as rewarding. Now, time for a well-earned break (see you in the New Year)!

Do you have anything you’d like to share? What did you learn in 2012?

A very short post, for poetry lovers…

A hint never hurts...

A hint never hurts…

I hope you’re having a great Christmas everyone and a well-earned break.

In case you’ve got a few extra minutes reading time, I’d like to share my poem in Southword journal with you. I’m really delighted to have been selected by Thomas McCarthy for inclusion in this issue – it’s a brilliant journal and one of my particular favourites, so being included is like an early Christmas present.

Make sure you have a thorough look through – there are some brilliant writers featured. You won’t be disappointed.

My poem is called Book of Us. I hope you enjoy it.