Podcast Time with Moli – Museum of Literature Ireland

Podcast time! This was such a fun project to be involved with – I was invited by MoLi – Museum of Literature Ireland… to talk about my favourite subject – writing. Interviewer, Lily Cahill, was such a toughie*!

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In this episode of the NovelTeens podcast, our host Lily Cahill chats to E.R. Murray about exploration, empathy and asks, ‘What’s wrong with dreaming?’”

NovelTeens is a podcast for young people about words, creativity and inspiration brought to you by MoLI. In this series, we will be asking authors deep-dive questions on how they became writers, their writing process, and generally picking their brains.

You can hear the podcast here!

*Lily is adorable. Enjoy! 🙂

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My first interview as an author!

Rural Arvon course

Just starting the journey…

This is my first interview since signing my book deal, and it was such fun, I had to share it.

Writing a book is only half of the struggle – you have to get your name out there and sell your book too.

You need a marketing strategy – that DOES NOT mean a hundred ‘5 STAR AMAZON REVIEW’ posts/tweets a day (especially when it was your mum who wrote the review).

You have to do readings, interviews, school visits, radio, maybe even TV – and you still have to be human.

So that’s why I’m delighted my first interview as an official author was with Michelle Moloney King. And if you’re sick of the usual ‘where do you get your ideas’ type questions, I think you’ll appreciate it too.

Thanks, Michelle, for bringing some fun back to interviews, and thanks to everyone who reads it. Let’s hope there are more like this down the line!

You can read the interview here (and check out the others too, including an interview with Mr Lemony Snickett himself!)