2012 so far…

Rural living is amazing. But it’s also random. It needs a lot of organisation, a nonchalant attitude towards the weather and often, plenty of hard work. But – combined with writing, it’s my haven. And here’s some photos from my year so far to prove it!

Planning our mini veg garden

Making sure there's fuel

Dressing up as a soldier (Edinburgh)

Writing in the painted hall (Greenwich)

Pickling the last of 2011's beetroot crop

Digging the tiny veg plots

Writing in fields (Guisborough)

Making my husband upside-down

I was going to do these posts on a 3-monthly basis but – it seems there’s so much going on, I could make it a monthly thing. Or even weekly.

What do you think? Would you like to see more? And how often?


8 thoughts on “2012 so far…

  1. John Ivory (@JohnIvory) says:

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Firstly, my comments on the above: (a) your garden looks like it is going to be great and (b) you get to write in some amazing places.

    I really enjoy these kind of posts so I’d definitely like to see more. How often? I guess that depends on how much you have to tell. When I started by blog, I had thought about doing a weekly post. Then I realised that (a) I hadn’t enough to say and (b) people might get fed up if I posted too often. So, I’m now aiming for one or two posts a month on average.

    Speaking of which, I need to get my skates on for a February post!

    Best of luck whatever you decide to do.


    • ERMurray says:

      Thanks John; that’s really good advice. I’ve given it much thought and think I’ll make it monthly, mixed in with my other weekly blog posts – so 3 standard posts and 1 ‘my month in photos’ post.

      And you’re right; I am lucky, being able to write in lots of lovely places. We tend to travel quite a bit, but even here, in my mobile home, I have a gorgeous writing room and lots of fields to explore. Then there’s the various piers and country lanes, and my friends lovely B&B (Grove House) which I used to use as a writing retreat: now it’s on my doorstep!

      It took a long time to make it happen; but now it has, I wouldn’t swap it for the world. And the best thing, I get lots of lovely friends like you guys supporting me – and that really counts.

  2. June Shannon says:

    I love this post particularly the random pics (my fav being upside down husband). Lifestyle looks so lovely and you sound so happy. Would love to read more please đŸ˜‰ Jx

    • ERMurray says:

      Thanks June – I’ll post photos on a monthly basis now.

      It’s nice to share some happiness – I think that all too often there’s lots of grumbling and ranting (which has its place, of course) but there’s a tendency to forget what’s important. After all, don’t we all just want to be happy?

      I’m super lucky that my husband lets me do all the daft stuff that comes into my head, and is even a willing victim!

  3. Maria Duffy (@mduffywriter) says:

    Hi there,

    Oooh I love this post. I’d definitely love to see more of these. The pictures are fabulous and looks like you’ve settled right into to rural life. I’m so jealous of the amazing places you’ve been writing in – would love a bit of that sort of writing time myself. And your hubby’s pic is priceless! Really made me smile.

    Maria x

    • ERMurray says:

      Thanks Maria – I’m glad you enjoyed the pics. And if they brought a smile, even better! My poor husband – I turn him into werewolves, Norman peasants, make him upside down. He makes me bottle trees when I need to research what a bottle tree would look like. He’s great!

  4. Martin J Frankson says:

    this is a wonderful looking blog you’ve got going on here, both in terms of content and visuals. There is something of the River Cottage about it which I like. An on-line idyll indeed! I look forward to future posts and just have found the ‘follow’ button which is something that seems to elude me on other blogs until today.

    • ERMurray says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you like it. And the River Cottage? That’s a compliment indeed.

      (Just as an aside, we had a huge slug problem just like the River Cottage and were going to get ducks – thankfully, the programme showed us in time what could happen if we did. WE had a lucky escape. Phew!).

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