Nature knows how to get results

As I settle properly into writing full time (it’s been a year now and yes, I’m finally grasping the fact that I am a full-time writer), I’ve come to realise that writing is all about balance.

The balance between keeping bum on seat long enough to write a decent day’s work and removing said bum from seat frequently enough to prevent a spare tyre from settling around the midriff…

Then there’s the balance between editing and producing new material, between writing because you love it and earning a living…

And finally, the balance between writing for yourself and trying to get published.

This, for many, is the toughest to achieve. After all, as writers, we’re driven by a need to create – but what is the point of creation if no one gets to enjoy it?

It’s a tricky one and I’m not sure there’s an answer; but I do know that my best creations are those I’ve written when I’ve turned off the ‘will it get published?’ part of my brain and concentrate on writing a damn good story.

Of course, competitions and deadlines are a perfect way to inspire new ideas and get a bit of a mental shove. But that hungry, questioning side still has to be switched off for the work to reach it’s potential. Or so I find.

In many ways, the biggest struggle is maintaining a sense of realism. In an ideal world, I could sit at the computer forever, forging ahead with astounding word counts and multiple stories; food, sleep and conversation outside of Twitter would become a thing of the past.

But in reality, we need downtime. We need a balance. And it’s OK to switch off the computer. Take a walk. Make a roast. Phone a friend. Because how else will our brains recuperate? If they can’t recharge, if they can’t let go once in a while – how will they ever produce work that’s good enough to be published?

I create balance by being outdoors, growing food, cooking, painting, making stuff; I surround myself with music, nature and inspiring friends.

What do you do to maintain balance? And are you doing enough of it?


3 thoughts on “Balance

  1. maryjoburke says:

    lovely post, and rightly timed, both on a Monday and the start of a sunny week! we hope. It is a true observation that everything is about balance, and the wisdom is in knowing when you are out of sync. Like you I find spending time with family and good friends restful and relaxing. Gardening and being out in nature is great too, it recharges the soul,so to speak – keep up the good work and enjoy your week Mary Jo x

  2. ERMurray says:

    Thank you, Mary Jo. Noticing when you’re out of sync is so important; it’s easy to chain yourself to your laptop/notebook. But you have to let other stuff happen too – otherwise your brain can’t filter properly. That’s when I find myself a bit frustrated and realise I’m out of sync. In fact, I’ve been overdoing it a little last week, so it’s time to take a step back & breathe, make sure I’m still in the right direction. Hope your week is fabulous also.

  3. fremont110293 says:

    I envy you. I work full time but cherish the precious blocs of time i reserve for my writing Some day I will have time for both my blog and my book. And when that day comes I hope I can remember your advice about brains benefiting from recuperating/recharging.
    Write on, you lucky woman!

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