May in Photos

We’ve found shrews…but so did the kittens. Rescue missions in place!

Our mini veg garden is growing (onions, lettuce, courgettes, runner beans, French beans, corn, leeks, sprouts)

The tunnel is pretty impressive too…

…with good strong flowers on our tomatoes

We launched our punt (& had a few spins)

Spotted orchids on Long Island (West Cork)

Baking (for pleasure and book research)

Three types of jellyfish spotted

Picnic time!

Some impressive sunsets


2 thoughts on “May in Photos

  1. ERMurray says:

    The shrews are so cute but it takes a lot of effort to rescue them from the kittens; I’m afraid the kittens are very quick. The picnic spot is on the island across from us where my husband proposed. Thank you so much for your kind comments.

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