A truly romantic true story!

Not a pirate in sight…

Today is my first wedding anniversary and although it’s not a big day for anyone else, I think the story of how it all happened is worth sharing.

In case you’re i the mood to hear a very romantic story – sometimes, I still can’t believe all the effort he went to –  here’s a re-post of how my husband proposed.  As the title suggest, complete with treasure maps and trowels…

Treasure Maps and Trowels: X Marks the Spot

It went something like this… Clamber into the punt, whizz around West Cork’s beautiful Goat Island and whistle for the goats, get up close to some wild seals, watch the gannets dive, circle Long Island and stop to catch a mackerel. Head to Long Island pier, visit one of the Islanders for tea and get given a cabbage three times the size of my head. Carry the cabbage the length of the island to Westerland strand, rescue some stranded jellyfish and barbecue the mackerel. The End.

Or so we thought…

Click here to read the full story…


2 thoughts on “A truly romantic true story!

  1. SJ O'Hart says:

    Happy belated wedding anniversary! My husband proposed to me over the washing up one New Year’s Eve. Not as amazing as your story, but I recall it with just as much affection and love. I really enjoyed reading about your romantic treasure hunt!

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