Celebrating Others (Part 2)



Continuing on from last week’s celebration of others, here are a few more people I’d like to mention…

@cathryanhoward is a self published author and blogger who also provides social media conferences and training (including with Faber, amongst others). Catherine is so successful because she had the guts to go for it, combining a business mind with writing talent, way before the rest of us thought of it.

Crime fiction lovers won’t have missed the next name: this year, @LouiseMPhillips quickly became a bests elling author with her debut, Red Ribbons, published by Hachette. Louise‘s psychological crime thriller was also nominated for Best Irish Crime Novel of the Year 2012.

@alisonwells A dedicated writer with novel Housewife with a Half Life and a string of exciting short story shortlists to her belt, Alison is also a tireless tweeter, blogger and a busy mum. I still marvel at how she manages to keep it all up.

If you enjoy historical fiction or steampunk (or even both) @katyOD is a great girl to know. As well as editing and being a sucker for anything cute and fluffy, Katy is also fun and supportive. Look out for her debut, Scarlett Ribbon.

@LJCassidy, a young writer who recently released her second book with Penguin – a Young Adult spooky detective series – is certainly starting to get the recognition she deserves. A lovely, friendly girl and fabulous writer, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next in Laura‘s career.

Don’t forget to shout out to a few of the people you admire for their achievements!


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