Gone, but not forgotten…

collie pup rescue dog

Our new addition – Franklyn

I’m referring to you. Yes you.

January is a jam-packed month as I complete the final edits for my next book – a YA tale about the effects of alcoholism. As a result, I’m taking a short sabbatical from writing posts for the Green Fingered Writer blog.

It’s not because of New Year’s resolutions – we all know they get broken as quickly as they’re made. Like a car or electrical appliance, their value disintegrates the moment they’re bought.

The reason behind my retreat is that I need to free up as much time as possible. To edit the book, gather final bits of research and to get some space from my manuscript.

I need to breathe.

I’ve realized that one of my many failings is that I don’t let myself wind down enough. I live in a beautiful place and lead a very fulfilling life – but my time is so rigid, I sometimes forget to have fun along the way.

Only sometimes.

It’s that whole ‘get contacts before you’ve finished the book properly’ multi-tasking syndrome otherwise known as ambition. Does anyone else out there fall prey to this?

It’s when life becomes all about achieving when, in fact, the process is what’s important. I know that – I’m possibly the idea’s biggest ambassador – so why does my daily routine regularly forget?

Over the next few weeks, I’ll post some photos of the beautiful land and seascapes that surround me. Hopefully, they’ll delight or inspire you. Other than that, I’ll be in absentia until the end of January.

Sorry for the disappearing act and I hope you understand.

But know this – even though you’re out of sight, you won’t be out of mind and I look forward to catching up with you all before the month is up.

Wish me luck?


6 thoughts on “Gone, but not forgotten…

  1. Lane Ashfeldt says:

    Wishing you a productive and happy writing time, Elizabeth. I’ll be in similar mode, as of next week. Right now am in DIY mode, or meant to be, so must stop skiving and get back to my chisel and scraper… 😉 All best, Lane

  2. SJ O'Hart says:

    Good luck, Elizabeth – I hope you have a productive, fulfilling and happy month – and, of course, all the very best as you work on your book. I really hope it all comes together for you, but most of all I hope you find the space and time to allow yourself to relax. We’ll miss you – but ‘see’ you in February! Take care, SJ (P.S. Give Franklyn a cuddle from me!)

  3. arranqhenderson says:

    Excellent post this, above, it certainly rang more than a few bells for me. This, for example, had (has) a lot of personal resonance, especially right now: – “It’s that whole ‘get contacts before you’ve finished the book properly’ multi-tasking syndrome otherwise known as ambition. Does anyone else out there fall prey to this?”

    Personally speaking, that would be a big, fat Yes!

    Good blog, delighted to find you/it. Need to get back to that book right now, finishing line so close. but I shall certainly call again. Looking forward to it already.
    best regards- Arran.

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