Irish music shout out

Seeing as St Patrick’s Day has just passed, I thought I’d give a shout out to Irish music and musicians.

Living in rural Ireland, I’m embroiled in Irish music on a regular basis, especially since my husband is a singer/songwriter/balladeer (he’s just getting into the online thing. You can see his facebook page here). But even without his influence, West Cork has retained its Irish musical roots to such a degree that I’m constantly treated to some form of storytelling through song.

It seems everyone here can sing; at least, everyone is willing to belt out a favourite tune at the drop of a hat. Believe me, never have I felt my ‘Englishness’ so much as when the microphone/guitar/banjo is passed my way and I quietly, but firmly, decline. (Singing is an art form I haven’t mastered, so I’ll stick to my notebooks. It’s better for everyone all round.)

If you love Irish music, there’s a great site called Irish Music Forever that shares quality Irish tunes past and present, while Derek Flynn updates his Rant, with Occasional Music blog every Monday with a new song recording; a mixture of his own tunes and covers/mash ups. He even takes requests.

And as a St Patrick’s treat, here’s a little something for you to enjoy: my husband singing his song “Wrapped Up” with incredible vocalist Camilla Griehsel (soon to be starring in an operatic production at Cork opera House).


4 thoughts on “Irish music shout out

  1. Orla Shanaghy says:

    i enjoyed this post Elizabeth. If it’s any consolation, you don’t have to be of non-Irish nationality to cringe when the instrument / microphone is passed your way. I avoid singing like the plague (in front of other people – I warble away happily in the confines of my own house…), but through a series of bizarre events I was forced (!) to sing on local radio a few years back. It was a terrifying experience.
    That Irish Music Forever site looks really interesting. We used to sing Raggle Taggle Gypsies in school but I hadn’t a clue what it was about! Interesting to read the background there.

    • ERMurray says:

      Hi Orla – phew! It’s not just me then. I have the same issue with singing – I’ll happily sing at home alone but the second I know someone is listening, I clamp up. And even if I try, I can’t sing anywhere near as well. I recently took some voice/breathing classes with Camilla Griehsel to try and get over my block on public singing/reading my own work – it was an amazing experience and really made a difference to how my voice carried. Still got a long way to go though.
      I really like Irish Music Forever – they cover a wide range of musicians, past and present, and have some really great articles on there. I too love to find out the origins of a song – especially traditional songs/ballads. We sang some bizarre things in school assemblies – Brown Girl in the Ring and By the Rivers of Babylon in a round robin format. Never figured the significance.
      Thanks so much for stopping by, Orla. I appreciate it.

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