Next adventure: Poland

Oswiecim river, poland

Oswiecim – With thanks to ‘Map of Poland’ for the image

I’m heading off again; this time to Poland to see my friend who has recently moved back there to volunteer at Auschwitz. It’s a museum I’ve always wanted to visit but I’m not sure I’m prepared for the experience emotionally. Still, it’s something that I believe is important historically, humanitarianly and spiritually, so it must be done.

As well as Oswiecim, I’ll be visiting a few different cities, including Krakow and Katowice, for some exploration and a touch of Polish hospitality. I’m really lucky to have a Polish friend as a guide – that means non-tourist adventures off the beaten track and plenty of traditional food – and I’m certain the trip will yield a gamut of experiences that I look forward to sharing with you.

Hopefully, there’ll also be a few story ideas or poems to add to the creative mix. After all, I always find different settings inspiring. Partly because of the new experiences they bring, but also because of the cleared headspace that is usually take up with everyday concerns and routines.

I’ll be completing the final edits on my teenage/young adult novel while I’m there – I’m going retro and editing on paper so I’m not tempted to go online or work on non-writing projects – and I’m hoping the different backdrop will make my mistakes glow more brightly than they would at home.

In the meantime, I have some photos from my Italy trip earlier in the year to share with you on Monday, June 10th…

Other than that, I’ll see you when I return!


4 thoughts on “Next adventure: Poland

  1. susanlanigan says:

    You live such an interesting life with so many adventures! Makes me wonder if the choices I’ve made are a bit workaday and pedestrian…but then again it helps keep things stable for writing.

    • ERMurray says:

      My dear Susan, you are anything but pedestrian! I need adventures to keep the writing stable – any form of routine and I start sinking. Routine is my quicksand. How are you? Hope life is treating you well x

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