Francis MacManus short story podcasts

Several people have asked me to post the link to the podcast of my shortlisted Francis MacManus story, The Books, they cry. Before I do, I’d like to say thank you to everyone for their support and interest – it helps make all this writing worthwhile.

The thought that someone may listen to the story and find something in it that resonates, delights, or inspires. The idea that it may give someone a few minutes of pleasure or food for thought – it’s a wonderful feeling. One I can’t describe.

For me, the experience was an exciting one. It allowed me to distance myself from the words and hear them as a story, rather than something I’d written. It gave me the chance to hear how the story could be read aloud, and I got the opportunity to pick up on how another reader might visualise the events and characters.

Finally, listening to my story confirmed my suspicion that the two stories I was hoping to submit to other competitions this week aren’t ready. They need to sit for a while and mature. For however long it takes.

The podcasts to all the shortlisted Francis MacManus stories are available here: please, listen to some of the other stories as well as my own – there’s some beautiful, funny and engaging work waiting to be discovered. Happy listening!


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