Three Great Short Stories

I’ve fallen in love with the short story this year after a decade-long dalliance spent trying to understand its formidable form. Now that I’ve finally learned to accept rather than question, enjoy rather than dissect, something magical has happened and I find myself on an exciting journey where one great story leads to another and another.

I’d like to share three of this week’s discoveries with you. These stories have really spoken to me in some way, and I think they are all excellent examples of the complexity, magnificence and power of a short story.

The Way We Carried Ourselves by Molia Dumbleton, winner of the 2013 Sean O’Faolain Short Story Award, with thanks to Southword & The Munster Literature Centre.

Victory Lap by George Saunders, a ‘first chapter preview’ of his collection, Tenth of December, thanks to Bloomsbury Press.

The Enemy Within by Kirstin Zhang, 2005 Scotsman and Orange Short Story Prize winner, courtesy of The Scotsman

Enjoy! And don’t forget to give the writer your positive feedback if you can – writing can be a lonely path and a bit of praise won’t go amiss.

three great short stories


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