#AuthorsForNepal – who wants a manuscript critique?

nepal-flag-300x214#AuthorsForNepal – set up by the wonderful @JCCWilliams – is raising money for those in immediate need, by offering various donations from authors, agents and publishers on ebay. There are critiques, signed books, illustrations, even writing retreats on offer… to help, you just need to share the news and bid for what you want.

I’m offering a critique/readers report (like those I do through  Inkwell Group) for a starting bid of £25 here. You can help your own writing and a good cause – and save yourself quite a few quid while you’re at it! There’s no time limit on the critique, so even if you haven’t finished your manuscript, you can bag yourself a critique for the future.

Some of the great items on offer include…

This should be enough to give you an idea of what you can bid for! They’ve reached the £5000 mark, but here’s hoping the money keeps rolling in. There are some definite bargains to be had… good luck!




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