Legends of the Land, written by E.R. Murray, is live!

Sometimes, as a writer, an opportunity comes your way that you want to shout about from the mountain tops! And often, as a writer, you are sworn to secrecy until the big reveal… But today, I can finally talk about, and share, an exciting project I’ve been working on; a myth and legend audio book series for children, called Legends of the Land.

I’ve always been a huge fan of myth and legend and so when Zahra Media Group approached me to write some stories for Skoda (yes the cars!) that children can listen to on car journeys, I jumped at the chance.

As a child, I devoured myths from all over the world. I remember being dazzled by stories from Japan, Iran, China, Ireland, Spain, The Gambia, India, and Afghanistan. I also remember a very kind and thoughtful local librarian who would scout different titles out for me and put them aside until I came in to exchange my books. I was always so excited to see what she’d found for me. So getting to write some audio-friendly stories based on such incredible characters is a childhood dream come true.

Another important aspect of writing that I try to honour, is to make books and stories as accessible as possible – if it wasn’t for libraries, I’d had never had such fantastic access to books and I’d never have become a writer.

And so, I’m delighted that these Legends of the Land stories are completely free to listen to and are available across a variety of platforms. So please have a listen and share widely with anyone you know who likes audio books. The content is suitable for young children aged six and above, but I firmly believe that there’s no upper age limit for enjoying a great story.

There are five stories in total and each focuses on a great female character from Ireland’s legend and lore; Queen Maeve, Grace O’Malley, Brigid, Macca and the Morrigan. Today is the first time I’ve heard the story recordings and it’s such an incredible experience – the actor really brings the stories to life and and I hope you love listening to them as much as I loved writing them.

The links above link you to all five stories, but I’ve listed the individual Spotify links below:

Brigid – the much loved goddess and saint

The Morrigan, the shape-shifting phantom queen

Macha and the great horse race

Grace O’Malley, the pirate queen

Queen Maeve and the cattle raid of Cooley

After you’ve listened, I’d love to know which of these absolute legends is your favourite.

Drop me a comment below to let me know!


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