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Deadlines looming - look what I'm missing!!!

Deadlines looming – look what I’m missing!!!

I’ve competed my first draft of The Book of Revenge and I’m onto draft 2, but the deadline is looming :October 31st is not far away, especially when I’m booked out for the whole of October with events. This means that the manuscript needs to be almost complete by the end of September – the pressure is ON!!! So if you’re wondering why I’m a little quieter online at the moment, that’s the reason.

I’m away on retreat from Sunday to get some focused writing done, and then it’s time to launch The Book of Shadows – Nine Lives Trilogy 2 (details to follow)! In the meantime, I thought I’d put a post together with some of my recent ramblings around the web, in case you were looking for a quick read during your break…

Happy reading and I’ll see you all back here with details of the launch(es) soon!

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It’s All Happening – A Second Book Deal (this time, Young Adult)!

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He’s playing it cool, but he’s dead chuffed for me really…

I’m so excited about this news, I hardly know where to start …

I can now officially announce that I have signed another book deal, this time with the gorgeous UK publisher, Alma Books. It’s for a Young Adult book called Caramel Hearts, and it will be hitting the shelves in May/June 2016.

In April of this year, Alma Books announced their new children’s and YA list in The Bookseller, and I’m truly delighted to be part of this exciting development.

So, now there’s even more work to do, but lots of celebrating too.

And if you’re out there, working away on your manuscript revisions, keep going. I honestly believe you’ll get there with plenty of determination – and just as much grit.