New beginnings

Our daffodils are nearly out!

It’s the start of the year; a time when everyone, especially writers, thinks about what they want to achieve in the twelve months ahead. There are the usual goals, like giving stuff up we don’t want to (chocolate, wine, meals out) and then there’s the unachievable goals like ‘write a novel in six days’ (while also being the best mum/wife/cook/electrician in the world).

Instead of making goals or resolutions this year, I’ve decided to focus solely on priorities. It feels less intimidating; and if I stray, I can take a peek and get back on track without stressing about the missing bits and feeling like a failure. So, my 2012 priorities are:

1. Writingfor enjoyment as well as publication, with more submissions thrown in.

2. Healthkeep up the outdoors shenanigans and worry less over the little things; they’ll take care of themselves.

3. Funmaking stuff and doing stuff, from knitting to piano, festivals to fishing. And lots of it.

4. Making moneywe’re never going to starve.

I’ve come a long way from the old, corporate me and if I learned anything over the last year, it was that rushing gets you nowhere. Like this skeleton leaf I found in the garden today, I’m going to take my time and let things happen a bit more naturally in 2012.

How will you make 2012 your best year yet?

Nature doesn't hurry - neither will I


6 thoughts on “New beginnings

    • Daniel Clifford says:

      Really nice blog. Chimes very nicely with my own aims for the year.

      Hopefully this will be the year I actually start making some money from writing. I’ve already seen a huge improvement in quality…and a small improvement in efficiency.

      Now I just have to improve that efficiency even more and do some pitching. Then I should have the time and money to enjoy myself and take Lily out more.

      Not another year working without reward.

      • ERMurray says:

        Hi Daniel; it’s nice to know my thoughts resonate with another writer. It is difficult to make money from writing but improving efficiency and pitching your work will kickstart things, I’m sure. Where there’s a will, etc. With writing, you do get the joy of having completed something wonderful, but we all need to eat. Good luck with it all and thank you so much for commenting; I’m off to have a look at your website.

    • ERMurray says:

      Thanks, Hazel. A huge compliment coming from such a fab blogger! It’s early days but great to have a new project underway; especially with such supportive friends. How are things your end?

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