Some nature… #WritingCambodia

As everyone who reads this blog knows, I love the outdoors, so usually I bombard everyone with lots of photos of nature. In Cambodia, however, I’ve been so intrigued by the people, that I’ve neglected the beasties & the beautiful surroundings – so here are a few shots for you to enjoy. By the time you read this, I’ll be touching down on Irish soil….

scorpion cambodia

A wee scorpion.


skull, cambodia

A random find.


red ants Cambodia

A small colony of ants eating breakfast


Cambodian butterflies

I find these particularly lovely to watch when they fly


stick insect, cambodia

Love these critters – can’t get them to stay on my hand though


stick insect cambodia

This stick insect is carrying its youngster on its back


giant jackfruit

The most delicious fruit in Cambodia


jackfruit cambodia

This is what it looks like on the inside


Cambodian flora

Vibrant and beautiful.


mekong island cambodia

Village lanes on an island on the Mekong river, Phnom Penh


water lily pond cambodia

A water lily pond – these are pink when in bloom


silk worms cambodia

Silk worms at a family home silk farm

















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