How do you do enough?

Since I’ve returned from Singing Kites, it feels like something is missing. It is lovely to be reunited with my wonderful husband, and to be back in beautiful West Cork, but when I was in Cambodia, I felt like I was useful, like I was doing something truly worthwhile.

A young Cambodian boy rocking his baby brother to sleep - no money for education

A young Cambodian boy rocking his baby brother to sleep – no money for education

Now I’m home, I’m loving my work, my writing, my home, and my life – and I’m feeling extremely grateful for what I have – but I also feel, in some way, useless. Not unworthy, but like there’s a void. That’s the best way that I can describe it.

The more you delve into conservation or charity work, the more you realise how endless the need is for help. So where do you start?

Do you help defenseless animals like at the Elephant Nature Park, or do you teach voluntarily in developing countries? Do you look closer to home and volunteer with wonderful organisatons like Inner City Helping Homeless, or do you look even closer still and adopt a rescue dog or make sure you remember to do the little things that help your loved ones and neighbours? All of the above, probably, but how can you ever do enough?

There is no doubt that I will return to Singing Kites next year (I can’t wait!), and I have an exciting charity project brewing that I hope will come to fruition soon enough. But we have to pay the bills and can genuinely only do so much, so in the meantime, I’m left wondering, how exactly can I help?

The simple answer is, that as a writer, I hope that by creating I can provide something useful – whether it’s a blog post that raises awareness, a story that allows for hope or escape, a fun children’s adventure trilogy, or a poem or piece of short fiction that reaches out to someone or simply entertains.

It’s not much to offer but I hope my writing will be read and enjoyed and will somehow affect the reader. I guess that’s what we want as writers, and, while I try and get my charity project off the ground, I’ll have to stop questioning whether that’s enough.


10 thoughts on “How do you do enough?

  1. givethosewomenablog says:

    It is easy to become overwhelmed by it all Elizabeth.Remember the story about the tortoise and the hare? Slow and steady wins the race. Chin up.Onwards.
    If I can be of any help with your new charity please do let me know. Maria 🙂

    • ERMurray says:

      Very sound advice indeed, and thank you for your continued support. Thanks for the offer re my charity idea – it’s early days, but I’ll certainly let you know if you can help. I appreciate your offer 🙂

  2. C.J. Black says:

    By sharing this post Elizabeth are you not providing something useful – I believe you are. Off now the hit the reblog button and further share the good news – glad to know you have settled back in.

  3. Lyn Hotchin says:

    Even after 7 years and doing what I only hope helps the people I have great respect and love for, I understand the feelings you have! Our “motto”………….”It only takes one person to shine a light in the dark”! You have done that Elizabeth……… and by raising awareness of the plight of others , as you have done and are doing………gives a voice to those less fortunate……. and that is a great and important ‘active role”! We are so grateful for your love and compassion towards us. xo

    • ERMurray says:

      Lyn, you are so kind & supportive. Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating the school’s birthday & I can’t wait to come back. In the meantime, I shall keep spreading the word about the wonderful work you are all doing.

  4. SJ O'Hart says:

    You already do so much. As I said to you before, the gifts you gave at Singing Kites, and the seeds you’ve already planted, will continue to flourish long into the future – and that’s because of you. How amazing is that? I do understand how it can feel overwhelming – you’re only one person, and there’s so much which needs doing – but try to acknowledge the wonderful things you have done, and are doing, and don’t lose sight of what you’ve achieved already.

    And if I can help with your upcoming charity project, you know where to find me! 🙂

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