Freedom – a new poem on HCE Review

I’m delighted to have my poem, Freedom, published over on HCE Magazine.

hce_BLACK_logo_ants_webI fell in love with writing as a young child because of poetry, and over the years, long form has taken over – mainly due to the ideas I’ve had and contracts signed. But over the last year, or so I’ve been dabbling again with my first love.

There’s a misconception that because poetry is shorter, it’s easier. It’s not. It’s just different. Poems usually don’t take me as long time wise (a book is typically a year or two), but I put the same level of care and heart into any poem, flash, short story and essay that I write and so any publication is a joy.

It’s also a validation. Writing takes place behind closed doors, journeying within our own minds. The process is as loaded with self criticism, false starts and mistakes as it is with exploration, play, and inspiration. Sharing work can be terrifying, and it’s not always easy – all writers feel more confident in some areas than others. But we write because we feel compelled, and because we love to read. And so sharing work is an element that we often love and fear in equal measure.

So here goes… You can read Freedom on HCE Review by following this link. Hope you enjoy it!

And if you’ve had something published on an online journal recently, drop it in the comments so I can have a read 🙂


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