New poem on Not Very Quiet Journal

I have a new poem, Gaslit, published over on Not Very Quiet. This is probably my favourite poem that I’ve written for a while, and so I hope you enjoy it. 

I struggle to call myself a poet as I find longer form and non-fiction more comfortable, and therefore, I’m more confident in those areas, but this is the second poem I’ve had published this year and it definitely feels like poetry has returned in importance in my life – so thank you for sharing this journey. 

There have been some amazing online opportunities during these strange times, and among them for me was the opportunity to attend the launch of Not Very Quiet #7 held in Australia and online. The launch was a glorious mixture of attendees in the usual launch venue, as well as people zooming in from all around the world on a big screen. 

We heard a fantastic keynote speech from guest editor, Anne Casey, as well as some of her striking poetry. Six readers from the new memoir-themed issue followed, each so different, despite the common theme. It was a wonderful celebration of poetry, and wonderful to be part of it. There’s so much amazing stuff in the latest issue of Not Very Quiet – I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have. 


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